TFL Blade

This boat is for the guys or gals who just want to mess around at the dam or for the serious racer looking for a winning boat. Whether it be in smooth or rough water, this boat will certainly wet your appetite. It’s sleek design cuts through the water better than Wesley Snipes slicing vampires.


Building the boat:

The boat comes in a plain white gel coat or a nice spray job from the factory, hardware pre installed, easy to fit engine mounts and radio box. The blade is made for a wrap to centre manifold which means you will not need to cut the canopy but for a guy like me that looks for the most out of a boat, I chose a 105 deg header and a Zero band pipe so I had to cut the canopy to fit the exhaust. The trim tabs are easily adjustable as are the turn fins that are supplied with the boat. A nice spray job was at hand for my boat. With some slight modification in the hull you can fit a fairly large fuel tank in front of the motor or it can easily be converted for a nice sized IV bag for a good 20 to 30 min run time.  Pool noodle are always a must in a boat and the Blade fits the normal sized pool noodles perfectly from front to back so there is no way this baby is going to sink if it flips. 

Test :

Test day has arrived, I charged up the battery in the radio box and checked that everything works so off to the dam I go. The weather is warm with a bit wind and small swells on the water so perfect testing weather. The motor of choice for this test was the 26 cc RCMK made in Korea, fired up the motor and put her in the water. After running up and down a few times to set the rudder trim a bit at half throttle I had to bring her back in to change the trim tabs setting slightly. A few minutes later the boat is back in the water and ready to go, reset the rudder trim and hit full throttle …The sound of the 2 stroke engine came alive and the boat launched itself out the water faster than I could say “ Buyakasha ”.  The boat handled the choppy water like it was flat, after a few runs up and down the water became even choppier and the swells getting bigger. I aimed for the roughest part, hit full throttle and to my surprise it handled the rougher water with no problems. My thought immediately was this boat is a sure race winner in the right hands.


Engine used:  26cc RCMK

Weight (kg):  6 KG 

Hull size (mm):  1300X360X220
Test Propeller:  X472 Octura
Radio transmitter used: JR X3
Hull Material: Hand crafted Fiberglass(FRP)


1.  Built in water intakes for better engine cooling

2.  Boat is sold with or without anodized hardware

3. Handcrafted fiberglass Deep Vee hull for superior handling in rough conditions

5. Nicely spaced radio box 

6. 4 trim tabs, stinger, rudder assembly & turn Fins